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Africa Pensions offers in-depth training, collaboration, and networking opportunities to help people attain financial knowledge. We dedicate each day to building an economy that will benefit future generations.

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The 5th Annual Africa Pension Funds & Retirement Summit :

We were so grateful for your participation at our recent summit! Join us again in 2025 for the 6th Annual Africa Pensions & Retirement Summit, taking place in Cassablanca, Morocco.

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Conference Highlights

Our Conference:

Our summit is your gateway to a new era in pension and retirement funds. We are here to empower trustees, fund managers, insurers, regulators, and all stakeholders with cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize your approach. We are not just talking about change; we are leading the way.

Africa Pensions

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We create comprehensive masterclasses on pressing issues in the pension industry so that a broad and deep understanding can fuel solutions.


Africa Pensions delivers collaborative workshops that identify and create solutions for our areas’ unique problems.

Training Seminars

We deliver custom-curated seminars that focus on in-depth knowledge to suit our clients’ evolving needs related to retirement, investment, and pensions.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Africa Pensions also offers sponsorship, partnerships, and other forms of collaborative opportunities to enhance the quality of events and provide brand exposure.

Some of our previous sponsors & partners:

Collaborate with Africa Pensions

Africa Pensions’ collaboration with industry leaders in pensions, investments, and the finance industry allows us to offer uniquely, curated content. We specialize in providing the exact content our clients needed to take their next step in investment, venture capital, asset management, and the fund management industries, etc..

Our solutions go beyond providing information or getting the right people in the room. We facilitate collaboration for wide-reaching solutions to issues facing our economy.

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