The Annual Africa Pensions Summit

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Currently preparing for our 5th annual summit, we deliver the premier, highly focused summit on the leading and growing topics within the pensions, fund management and investment markets. Our Annual Africa Pensions Summit brings together thousands of policymakers, financial experts, trustees, service providers, and many more.

Experts lead this three-day summit and examine the critical issues impacting the pensions industry in Africa. The Africa Pensions summit is a fantastic educational, networking, and impact event and is headed towards Zanzibar, Tanzania this 2024.

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Annual Pensions & Retirement
Summit 2020

Enashipai Resort & Spa, Naivasha, Kenya

To address arising challenges and concerns, we intended to host a 3 day Pensions Summit, which brought together key industry experts, specialists and stakeholders with diverse continental audiences of industry representatives, mainly pensions and retirement funds with the sole aim to find innovative solutions and catalytic interventions to mitigate the industry’s’ challenges through robust discussions and debates, presentations, case studies, industry insights, thought leadership and best practices, panel discussions and an interactive workshop.

2nd Annual Pensions & Retirement Funds Summit 2021

Radisson Blu Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

The 2nd Annual Africa Pensions and Retirement Funds Summit 2021 was the platform for like-minded and forward-thinking retirement and pension funds professionals to re-group and address the challenges and opportunities that were faced by the industry to mobilise and future-proof the retirement and pension funds for its members’ livelihoods.

Never before had it been so critical for pension funds to protect their members’ future livelihoods. The rising cost of living was not something to take lightly and as the biggest investors to an economy, retirement and pension funds had an opportunity to fast track economies around the world to grow and protect members’ current and future livelihoods.

3rd Annual Africa Pensions & Retirement Summit 2022

InterContinental Mauritius Resort, Balaclava Fort

Although the growth is commendable and welcome, and as the continent embraces the global shift from defined benefit to defined contribution systems; there are inherent challenges and headwinds. For instance, most of the continent’s population -mostly in the informal sector and accounting for almost 80% of the workforce still remained uncovered by any form of retirement scheme and this is chiefly attributable to the fact that most of our pension systems are designed to cover those in formal employment and earning a regular income.

4th Annual Africa Pensions: Emerging Markets Investment & Retirement Forum (The EMIR Forum) 2023

Hotel Fairmont, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 2023 Africa Pensions & Retirement Forum held from the 9 – 12 May 2023 at The Fairmont Hotel, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Spanned over four days, the forum agenda covered key cross-cutting topics, discussed thematically through a series of plenary presentations and panels:

LT Savings & Asset Allocation in a Complex World Economy

Bringing together leading actuarial science/risk management, and pension and SWF investment experts from both G7 nations and the emerging economies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America to discuss ‘The Future of Asset Ownership & Risk Management’

Trusteeship & Governance: Learning from Best-in-Class Pension Board Members

Training G20, emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) pension board members (trustees) with trusteeship and governance thought leaders and practitioners from Melbourne, Brussels, Singapore and the City of London

Modern Pension Design & Pension Reform: from Melbourne to Namibia

Learning from best-in-class policy thinkers and national regulators, including pension and social affairs ministers, and prominent parliamentary committee chairs from across all G20 nations

ESG Data, Ai, and the Future of Finance

US, PRC, UK, Israeli and African tech entrepreneurs will present and discuss their latest projects with a select group of institutional asset owners, including Arabian Gulf and Asia Pacific sovereign wealth funds (“ESG Data Roundtable”, “Late Stage VC” plenary session)

Geoeconomics, Africa, MENA, and the New Silk Road

The ‘Age of Geoeconomics’ roundtable feat. US, EU, APAC incl. PRC, and Global South policy experts and institutional investors, putting in perspective the economic, and financial impact of China’s “Belt & Road Initiative” vs. the emerging “Biden Doctrine” and G7+ Partnership for Global Infrastructure etc.

5th Annual Africa Pension Funds & Retirement Summit 2024

Hotel Verde Zanzibar - Azam Luxury Resort & Spa

In today’s fast-paced world, the pensions and retirement funds industry faces a critical challenge – ensuring a secure and sustainable retirement for all its members. Recent research shows that returns are falling short of expectations, leaving many individuals in uncertainty. To keep pension funds thriving and provide a brighter future, we must embrace innovation and redefine our investment strategies.

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