Who is Africa Pensions?

We are among the top organisations providing sustainable education across the African continent with a magnitude of experience across the board.

Africa Pensions

Africa Pensions offers over two decades of experience in the investment, venture capital, and fund management industries. We serve a diverse clientele who are ready to take their careers to the next level and help more people achieve financial independence

What we do as an organisation:

We offer several networking platforms as part of our company outreach, most of which focus on financial professionals. Our specialties are investment, retirement, and pension professionals ready to create change.

We also support connections among financial professionals, trustees, policymakers, academics, and more. We believe this collaboration, whether at our EMIR Forum, using our education platforms, or at one of our networking opportunities, helps solve the issues facing people on the African continent.

Africa Pensions is also committed to delivering as much value as possible. By working hard and pushing ourselves, we can better serve our community on the path to eradicating poverty.

To establish a foundation that allows Africans to attain financial independence and eradicate poverty by building an economy that benefits future generations.

To grow our footprint and educate professionals across and beyond the African continent.

Integrity: We are responsible for our actions in every situation, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards and always act for the greater good.

Compassion: We will always help whenever possible and believe no human being should be left behind.

Respect: We treat everyone with honour and respect, which is their due as our fellow human beings. How we treat each other is a reflection of self.

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